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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

ReFoReMo 2020 Prize Winners

Without our generous presenters every year, we would not have access to a ReFoReMo education with varied perspectives. What a treat it was to grow through our presenters’ eyes! So many of them shared even more by donating additional prizes, and we are so grateful. A bit of good news is always welcome in uncertain times like this. Thanks again to our presenters for donating their time, expertise, and energy, as well as these extra prizes!

Announcing the winners of their gifts:  

Marcie F. Atkins’ Book Wait, Rest, Pause: Dormancy in Nature: Deb McGarvey 
15 Min. Video Consult with Kirsti Call/Carrie Charley Brown:  Angie Calabrese 

Skype w Author/Librarian Matthew Winner: Andrea Mack

Heidi E. Y. Stemple’s Book Eek, You Reek! LouAnn Silva

Fifteen min Consultation with Literary Advocate/ Professor Susannah Richards: Sarah Meade

Five Idea Consult with Editor Courtney Fahy: Jodie Finney

TBA Book from Agent Rachel Orr: Cheryl Johnson

Rajani LaRocca’s Seven Golden Rings: Joanna Pastro

Manuscript Critique w Rajani LaRocca: Angie Quantrell

Gina Perry’s Now? Not Yet!: Charlotte Offsay

Word Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively from Janie Reinart: Melissa Stoller

NonRhyming PB critique (or 20 min SKYPE for educators) from Michelle Cusolito: Kelly Carey

ARC of Gaia Cornwall’s The Unicorn Came to Dinner: Tanya Konerman

Gaia Cornwall’s Jabari Salta (Spanish version): Susan Twiggs

Sarah Lynne Reul’s NERP!: Elizabeth Curry

Keila Dawson’s King Cake Baby: Sarah Roggio

Skype visit w Emma Otheguy: Ellen Beier

Jannie Ho’s Tummy Time Animal Parade and The Little Engine’s Easter Egg Hunt: Barbara Rappaport Senenman

Jeanette Bradley’s WHEN THE BABIES CAME TO STAY: Terri Sabol

Anika Aldamuy Denise PLANTING STORIES: Kyle McBride

Marcie Colleen’s The Bear’s Garden: David McMullin

Our ReFoReMo contributors will continue to celebrate the joy of reading in their weekly posts this April. We hope that you’ll continue to benefit from mentor texts with us. We’ll also be back to our routine blog schedule in May, digging deep into author studies, interviews, and mini-ReFoReMo Challenges. Read on!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

ReFoReMo 2019 Prize Drawing Winners

The education earned through ReFoReMo participation is certainly a huge prize, but we also wanted to announce the winners of the extra prize drawings. Congratulations to everyone!
Marcie F. Atkins Ebook, Mentor Texts for Writers                     Judy Sobanski

Quick-Look PB Critique with Carrie Charley Brown                   Ashley Congdon

30 min SKYPE w Matthew Winner                                               Debbie Bernstein LaCroix

15 min PB Consultation a Susannah Richards                            Linda Staszak

Heidi Stemple’s  Picture Book Counting Birds                            Rebecca Gardyn Levington

Keila Dawson’s Picture Book King Cake Baby                             Jolene Gutierrez

Kirsti Call’s Picture Book The Raindrop Who Couldn’t Fall      Lenora Biemans

Jamie Deenihan’s When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree   Angie Isaacs

Slush Pile Pass with Emma Sector                                               Rebecca Colby

Mia Wengen’s Book How to Coach Girls & PB Grab Bag         Jose Cruz

Christy Mihaly’s Picture Book Hey Hey Hay                               Bettie Boswell

Ryan T. Higgins Picture Book                                                        Cathy Ogren

Picture Book: Someone New, gifted from Julie Bliven            Marsha Elyn Wright

Ruth Spiro’s Picture Book Made by Maxine                              Linda Kulp Trout

Emma Walton Hamilton’s Editor in a Box                                  Kathryn Worley

PB Critique with Cindy Schrauben                                              Charlotte Dixon

Charlotte Wenger’s Picture Book This Book is Spineless        Mary Wrath

Kim Chaffee’s Picture Book Her Fearless Run                           Jessica Mercado

Michelle Hout’s Picture Book Sea Glass Summer                    Megan Cason

$150 KIDSBUZZ Coupon from Deborah Sloan                          Cheryl Johnson          

If your name was announced, you will receive an email from us this week with more details. Congratulations to all! We'll be back on our regular blog schedule starting next week. See you then!